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"A Moddershall Mirror". Photographed by William Blake.
Entitled "A Modershall Mirror", this photograph was taken at Wayside Pool, Moddershall, near Stone, Staffordshire.
"An atrocious outrage..." -  1812 election document from the Enoch Wood scrapbook
In 1812, two candidates - Walhouse and Wrottesley - were fighting for the votes of Stoke-on-Trent's electors. "Sir John Wrottesley has w...
"An honest Ned..." - 1812 election notice from the Enoch Wood scrapbook
In May 1812, a two-horse race was underway to see who would become Staffordshire's next Member of Parliament. Walhouse vs. Wrottesley
"Beware of the Destructives" - 1836 election document from the Enoch Wood scrapbook
This notice calls upon the electors of Stoke-on-Trent not to promise their votes to any aspiring Member of Parliament just yet. Who shou...
"Brother Freeholders..." - 1812 election notice from the Enoch Wood scrapbook
In the early 19th century, one factor alone decided whether or not men could vote - while women were denied completely:
  • You had to own or be...
  • "Coming to the Scratch!" - 1831 election notice from the Enoch Wood scrapbook
    In 1831, former Member of Parliament for Coventry Richard Edensor Heathcote, was battling to become MP for Stoke-on-Trent. Heathcote was a Longt...
    "Crazing" & Porous Body. Photographed by William Blake.
    Lantern slide illustrating the problem known as "crazing" on the surface of a piece of ware with a porous body. This lantern slide appears to b...
    "Daisy Bank" Marl Hole. Brick and Tile. Longton. Photographed by William Blake.
    Industrial landscape with a view of Daisy Bank marl hole. Taken at Edensor, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. These huge holes were created due to ...
    "Englishmen! Answer These Plain Questions." - Document from the Enoch Wood scrapbook
    One of the most keenly contested issues of the early 1830s was the proposed Reform Act. The Reform Act The politician Earl G...
    "Highcroft", Rough Close. Photographed by William Blake.
    View of Highcroft, Windmill Hill, Rough Close, Nr. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. This is one of a number of images taken at Highcroft. These pi...
    "Last Supper", Carved Stone. Photographed by William Blake.
    Last supper scene hand carved in stone with the inscription; "TO THE GLORY OF GOD AND THE MEMORY OF CROMARTIE 4th DUKE AND 20th EARL OF SUTHERL...
    "Lucania" at Stage, Liverpool. Photographed by William Blake.
    Lantern slide showing a crowded dock at Liverpool. In the background is a steam ship called the Lucania. Built by the Fairfield Shipbuilding Com...

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