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Ash tray
exhibition Ash tray by Susie Cooper.
exhibition Susie Cooper (1902 - 1995) Bowl. 1983.P.140. 1930-1939. Over-glaze painted earthenware. H : 68 mm, D : 121 mm. Earthen...
coffee can
exhibition Susie Cooper (1902-1995) Coffee can & saucer. 1979.P.184. c. 1932. Over-glaze painted earthenware; H (can) : 57 mm, D (sa...
Coffee can and saucer
exhibition Susie Cooper 1902 - 1995. Coffee can & saucer. 1983.P.144 c. 1939. Under-glaze printed & painted and over-glaze painted ea...
Coffee can and saucer
exhibition Susie Cooper 1902-1995. Coffee can & saucer. 1979.P.89. c. 1928. Over glaze painted earthenware. H (cup) : 55 mm, D (saucer) : ...
Coffee cup
exhibition Wedgwood coffee cup, designed by Susie Cooper. 'Diablo' pattern.
Coffee pot
exhibition Susie Cooper 1902-1995. Coffee pot. 1979.P.65. c. 1929. Lustre painted earthenware. H : 210 mm. Earthenware coffee pot and ...
Coffee pot
exhibition Wedgwood coffee pot. 'Columbine' pattern, designed by Susie Cooper.
Coffee pot
exhibition 'Venetia' pattern coffee pot, designed by Susie Cooper for Wedgwood.
Coffee pot
exhibition 'Glen Mist' design for Wedgwood by Susie Cooper.
Coffee set
exhibition Susie Cooper (1902 - 1995) Coffee set. 1984.P.749 c. 1934. Over-glaze painted earthenware. Earthenware coffee set. Decor...
Cup and saucer
object Susie Cooper 1902-1995. Cup and saucer. 1980.P.353. c. 1951. Under-glaze printed and gilded bone china. H (cup) : mm, D (s...

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